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Many in prison have un-dealt-with anger issues. Anger then leads to fights, which leads to more trouble. It can be an vicious cycle.

When an angry man (prone to fighting) meets Christian Science Chaplain Dave (who tells the man’s story), and God and prayer get involved, you quickly see how spiritual transformation changes the trajectory of this man’s life.

But there’s more! The inmate’s change of character brings about physical healing.

If you want to learn more about how God’s transforming power works, this video is right up your alley.

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14 Responses to How an angry ex-military inmate with double life-sentences finds peace, physical healing, and a new sense of service [Video]

  1. avatar Rod Wagner says:

    The love expressed is better than hecatombs of gushing theories and stereotyped borrowed speeches!

  2. avatar Leslie Miller says:

    Thank you Dave for sharing this beautiful proof of Gods love and support for every single one of his children.

  3. avatar Joanna says:

    He leadeth me beside the still waters, he restoreth my soul!

  4. avatar George Birdsong says:

    It is so inspiring to hear of your prayerful work in the prisons Dave. The way you patiently dealt with this man for years. First with the Monitor and then were led to offer prayerful treatment for the broken hand. The resulting healing and the way study and prayer transformed the man’s life and character is most compelling. We should all send this healing to our local prison or jail Chaplains so they may witness the Christian healing ministry of Christian Science. Very grateful for all you do.

  5. avatar Sue in the Sierras says:

    It is wonderous how just the right words to say, the acts of gentle out-reach that can help lift someone up into light, are so perfectly given by God to His listening children. Thanks Dave for listening.

  6. avatar Robin Kadz says:

    Thank you, David!! Great progress! I love this healing! It’s so encouraging for all of us to read about your victories. Your victories are our victories. They give us all hope and keep us facing in the right direction.You are doing great work. Bless you. It’s so obvious you are working where the need is. Where the need is is where there is great receptivity to the spiritual idea. Your experience with this gentleman proves this. And your obvious metaphysical preparation for your work is an inspiration as well.

  7. avatar Nancy says:

    Inspired and inspiring dedication, reaching out and touching hearts yearning to be loved and respected as worthy. Thank you Chaplain Dave!

  8. avatar Lyn in NorCal says:

    He may be in a double life sentence, but it sounds like he’s a double blessing these days!

  9. avatar Anna Lisa Kronman says:

    Thank you, Chaplain Dave, for your quiet, truth-witnessing prayer that uncovers God’s man, and thank you, videographer Dave, for bringing this story out!

  10. avatar Sue says:

    It is so inspiring to hear these beautiful healings. I wish Dave could have shared more about HOW he prayed, and how they prayed together. Thank you so much.

  11. avatar Nancy in Canada says:

    Thank you for sharing! God bless and Grateful for the good works going on! Keep it up!

  12. avatar PK Smith says:

    Such an encouraging testimony, thank you!

  13. avatar Chuck says:

    Thanks, Dave! Really moving!

  14. avatar Jan in New Mexico says:

    What a wonderful story! Thanks for sharing it, Dave. I continue to be so grateful for the work of Christian Science Chaplains in the California institutions.

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