While in prison this man had an experience with God you’re going to want to hear about. [Video]

You are about to see one of the most unique videos we’ve ever shown on our website; it features a man named Charles who describes how he encounters the illuminating presence of God while in solitary confinement in prison.

His encounters with God is something you could say is similar in nature to how God revealed Himself to some well known characters in the Bible.

No, it’s not as if the prison doors were instantly thrust open; but then again, what did transpire, (over a period of time while Charles was incarcerated), was a gradual spiritual transformation that ultimately healed him of alcoholism and domestic violence.

Now out of prison, Charles explains that he now attends a Christian Science church and is on the road to a brand new life.

This video should bring a big smile to your heart and brighten your day. It certainly did for us!

We also want to wish you a very Happy New Year; and as always we invite you to leave a comment, tell us your own story, or share inspiration for others to see. We love hearing from you.

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5 thoughts on “While in prison this man had an experience with God you’re going to want to hear about. [Video]

  1. Norma Jean Young Reply

    This is a beautiful example of God’s ever-presence, and how S/HE blesses mankind. It is also a testament to all those who volunteer in the prisons and other institutions by offering ”a cup of cold water in Christ’name, and never fear the consequence.” — for they are the messengers of salvation. And Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures certainly shows us the way to this salvation. And many thanks to Charles for sharing his beautiful story with us. It was very inspiring and helpful in so many ways.

  2. Joanna Katz Reply

    This fills me with joy and hope! Thank you so much for sharing. Even though I have been studying Christian Science for many years and had many healings, every time I hear how God has revealed his tender mercies in just the way another person needed, I am deeply touched and my faith renewed.

  3. George Birdsong Reply

    An inspiring video. Charles felt the presence of God in power, light and voice that moved him to continue with Christian Science, change his life and do good. A great example for us all of God’s grace and light in prison. Thank you Charles.

  4. Connie Hall Reply

    Good for you Charles, life is not easy for any of us, keep growing and keep sharing, you are an inspiration!

  5. Jan in New Mexico Reply

    Just wonderful! So grateful that Charles could tell his own story. And that he’s looking forward in his new Life, hid with Christ in God.

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