Inmate’s change in character produces an unsought after — but amazing — result [Video]

Have you ever had an experience where God just opens doors and solutions appear without you doing anything to orchestrate an outcome? And the results are far better than anything you could have imagined!

Well, that is what this video is all about.

You are about to hear from Christian Science Chaplain Angela how an inmate is experiencing an unforeseen, call it “miraculous,” event in his life — an event he wasn’t seeking… or even believed to be possible.

Perhaps you are trying to make an answer appear… or pushing for a certain solution to take place. This video shows the real need is to just STOP what you’re doing and trust that God’s plan is ready to be revealed — and can be revealed — when you get out of God’s way.

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9 thoughts on “Inmate’s change in character produces an unsought after — but amazing — result [Video]

  1. George Birdsong Reply

    This is such a heartfelt testimony Chaplain Angela. We can all feel how touched everyone was in your prayer circle to feel the presence of Love and I so appreciate how you responded to the man. “Consider how since God loves each one perhaps we need to consider loving ourself first and let God’s love take over. Jesus command to love your neighbor as yourself is such a powerful truth. The parable of he Good Samaritan is one for all to share. A wonderful example of the power of prayer.

  2. Tyisha Hayden Reply

    That is a true testimony. I have a 19 year old son in jail. First time in jail. He hasn’t been sentenced yet. He is under mental health diversion. Awaiting his second evaluation. Because the first time there was an error on the doctors behalve.To see if he’s competent. I know he needs help God knows too. I go to church every Sunday and pray really hard. My son as a inmate is in the prayer circle which he attends everyday faithfully. I too believe that you can’t overstep god’s devine plan. Especially when he has everything in his devine order. You have to stop be patient and listen. He will give us the right opportunity to open that door when ready. I too am experiencing his divine power. And waiting patiently for his devine miracle. I love you lord.💓💓💓💓💓💓💓

    • David Fowler Post author

      Thank you so much for your comments. If I could offer you any encouragement it is this: pray until you can feel the peace and presence of God fill your heart. This, I think, is the best help you can give your son.

      David, the Editor

  3. Barbara Reply

    Thank you David for sending this to me…Angela said it so beautifully …It was very inspirational to me…Makes me think I have to Stop doing and Read More and Let God and get Me Out of The Way…:-) Barbara 5th Church Long Beach…

  4. Chaplain Angela Reply

    Hi! This is Chaplain Angela. The inmate’s lawyer is currently building an unprecedented case to gain the inmate’s release. Again, all the lawyer’s idea; she seems confident in the case she is building. I’ve been assuring the inmate that there IS a precedent for his case in divine law! (He told me he wants to be released so he can come back to the prison as a Christian Science Chaplain!)

  5. Joanna Reply

    You are doing wonderful work. I was moved by your report of healing and also caused to think more deeply about what John was teaching with that verse you quoted.

  6. Marilyn Reply

    Same question – did he get parole?

    Hi Marilyn, I am still waiting to hear back from the chaplain. Once I do I will post her comments.


  7. Rita Goldberger Reply

    I want to know if he got out of prison.

    Thank you for the question Rita. I will check with the chaplain and let you know. –David

  8. Jan in New Mexico Reply

    Wonderful healing experience. Thank you so much for sharing, Chaplain Angela!

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