Released from prison with few resources, how do you make it? Listen to Cornell’s story… [Video]

Have you wondered what it might be like to be released from prison–after years on the inside–and have to figure out how to survive on the outside?

In this special video you’ll meet Cornell, a man who found Christian Science in prison. We think you’ll agree, his story is a remarkable one.

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10 thoughts on “Released from prison with few resources, how do you make it? Listen to Cornell’s story… [Video]

  1. Jessica King Reply

    This is a beautiful testimony, thank you for sharing your story.

  2. Kimmie Reply

    God has a plan for each and every inmate, just continue to follow Jesus and have Faith and Believe 🙏⛪️🙏

  3. Marilyn McDonald Reply

    Thank you for this inspiring story! Cornell exhibits such beautiful faith in God and gratitude for the blessings and support he received. I’m grateful for the dedication of Christian Scientists and their support of Cornell and others like him.

  4. Jill Reply

    Cornell’s gratitude just beams. Thank you for those who responded to his needs, thank you God.

  5. Marion Twichell Reply

    This man was blessed by “channels of Love” ….the chaplins, the Monitor, the Principle Foundation, the Truth. Inspiring!

  6. Joan in Berkeley, CA Reply

    Wonderful to hear the fruits of chaplain work – never giving up on this man while he was imprisoned. He experienced the blessings of God’s love and is so happy and grateful.

  7. Jan in New Mexico Reply

    Thank you for sharing this awesome story of unconditional Christian love! And clearly Cornell’s deep gratitude.

  8. Bill Warrick Reply

    Thank you for this faithful work and recording David and team. It continues to illustrate the practical and purposeful love that flows from this work and the ready Christ-embrace for every open heart.

  9. marilyn Reply

    This video is precious and the story is priceless. His Christian journey continues.

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