See what this chaplain does to help an incarcerated man, whose daughter needs major surgery… [Video]

Imagine being in prison and learning your daughter has been diagnosed with a life-threatening condition–and you are not there to help or support her. Well, that’s how this video begins.

With the help of Chaplain Lidya, the inmate gains new insights about God that he then shares with his daughter before her scheduled surgery. Out of despair into a sweet story of prayerful support from inside prison!

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8 thoughts on “See what this chaplain does to help an incarcerated man, whose daughter needs major surgery… [Video]

  1. Lyn Kendrick Reply

    I appreciated Lydia’s comments to support the father reaching out to his daughter from prison. she was helping him share the best he could offer from prison.

    Lyn K from Alameda

  2. CLEMENTINE Gigi Suiffet Reply

    I loved this video. What a wonderful account of healing.

    In response to MaryJane’s comments about this not being in line with Christian Science healing, I have to wonder: What constitutes true Christian Science healing anyway? Does medicine or medical procedures disqualify a healing? If so, then Mrs. Eddy wouldn’t have approved of and included certain healings under the chapter “Fruitage” in her book Science and Health, in which testifiers had first gone the medical route in their journey towards complete healing.

    As a Chrisitan Science nurse, I’ve known patients who have been working with a Christian Science practitioner, but feel led to get a diagnosis or have a procedure done, such as get a bone set. This can be a practical and kind thing that a patient can do for him/herself. Unfortunately, I feel that we have a Christian Science culture which denounces those who need to resort to medical means to aid themselves in the healing process.

    In Science and Health, Mrs. Eddy even recommends calling a surgeon if a Christian Scientist could not find healing/relief from Christian Science treatment. (pg. 464:13)

    Thanks for sharing this, Chaplain Lydia.

  3. Elena Shideler Reply

    Such a wonderful demonstration of God’s love, thank you for sharing it! What a difference it makes to a person who is in despair to listen to the Christian Science chaplains talking so positively!!!

  4. Jan in New Mexiso Reply

    Thank you, Lydia, for sharing this wonderful story! So grateful for all the love shared by our Christian Science chaplains.

  5. Susan Anderson Reply

    Lydia’s story is so inspiring. Her humility and dedication are shining examples of qualities to live. Thank you so much for these wonderful videos. They encourage me in my volunteer prison work.

  6. Maryjane Bailey Reply

    I don’t find this to be accurate CS. God knows nothing about surgery to guide physicians hands. To say the daughter was healed because she had surgery is not CS healing.

    • David Fowler Post author

      Hi Maryjane, and thanks for sharing your point of view. We shared this story to let our viewers know Christian Science Chaplains work with all kinds of people facing all kinds of situations. In this case, Chaplain Lydia’s work with the father in prison helped remove his fear of his daughter’s surgery, which in turn calmed her fears. I’m sure we agree God’s presence is everywhere at once whether it’s a prison, hospital or battle field; and you can probably think of times where God guided your actions to a good result, as happened in this case.

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