Learn how The Principle Foundation gives former inmates money to help them after release — Watch video for details!

If you watch our videos, you already know there are people inside prisons and jails who actively study Christian Science and apply it to their everyday lives.

For many, there are no family members or friends to turn to after they’re released. Our rapidly expanding corresponding chaplain program can provide continuing spiritual support. But, no one to help financially…that is, until now.

Watch this video to learn how The Principle Foundation, (a Christian Science benevolence organization) is now eager to provide short-term grants and needed supplies so that returning citizens can more quickly integrate back into society, start attending a Christian Science church, and meet people–like you–who will inspire them to move onward and upward.

This is definitely a resource to know about! Please feel free to share any ideas you have on this or other site-related topics. You can leave them in the “Comment” area under the video. Thanks for watching!

Principle Foundation contact information from video:

Jeff Harbin, Grant Administrator, The Principle Foundation
Phone: 816-759-5445
Email: jeff@principlefoundation.org
The Principle Foundation
9300 W. 110th St., Suite 250
Overland Park, KS 66210

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5 thoughts on “Learn how The Principle Foundation gives former inmates money to help them after release — Watch video for details!

  1. Karina Reply

    I am grateful for the Principle Foundation but i don’t agree on that. By experience i have find out that one inmate tells another inmate that we had help them and they lie and they use us. Maybe later if they had gone to church and keep studying Christian Science and respect the law of the land which I didn’t see and i only saw we are naive and they use us.

  2. George Birdsong Reply

    Thanks to the Principle Foundation for providing this service.
    looking forward to informing the men who are studying Christian Science to take advantage of this provision.

  3. Angela Sage Larsen Reply

    I am in tears…this is a major development and SO NEEDED!! Principle Foundation has helped my family in the past and I’m continually and forever grateful for that. It made all the difference. And now to know that inmates and former inmates have access to this amazing resource just makes my heart sing. I can’t wait to tell the men I as a volunteer Christian Science Chaplain work with about this thoughtful provision. Principle Foundation does it again! Pure love! Thanks for being the bearer of good news.

  4. Jan in New Mexico Reply

    So grateful that The Principle Foundation is helping out inmates and former inmates in this way who are actively studying Christian Science and applying it in their lives.

  5. Guines Wiley-Nieves Reply

    Thanks for the heads up on this. I have worked with the Principle Foundation in the past with certain clients and found it very helpful. I also posted Jeff’s clip on the Christian Science Face Book Page for others to know about the Foundation and also hope that the Foundation’s idea serves as an example and inspiration for others to act, support or serve.

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