Youth detention centers are locked-down during the pandemic – this Chaplain hasn’t forgotten them [Video]

You’ve probably heard more about what’s going on in our state’s prisons and jails than what’s happening in our youth detention centers. And just like the majority of prisons and jails in California, youth detention centers are mostly off-limits to family members, and other would-be visitors including chaplains.

But this hasn’t stopped Christian Science Chaplain Holliday from sending prayer and love to the many kids she normally sees each week. In this video you’ll get an inside peek at her work and why she loves working with the kids and staff.

During this challenge, you’re no doubt praying for the world. We’d simply like to remind you to include youth, like those you’re about to hear about, in your prayers. And certainly, if you like, feel free to share this video with your family and friends.

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11 thoughts on “Youth detention centers are locked-down during the pandemic – this Chaplain hasn’t forgotten them [Video]

  1. Hal Shrewsbury Reply

    Wow, that was one, if not the most, moving talks I’ve seen yet. What joy, enthusiasm and love all over the place. Holliday, I am so moved, grateful and proud of what you and Bill are doing. You two are what CS is all about. Nothing can take the place of that one on one work you’re doing For some reason I didn’t get this when it came out but Sandy sent it to me. I’m sending it to our State Committee and a few church members. (Holliday is ministering at the San Leandro Juvenile Hall and Bill, her husband, is head of the CA State Committee. We have one youth detention center being ministered at present. Holliday, you’ve got my Academy Award for this one. love, Hal

  2. Bruce Higley Reply

    I love these videos: witnessing the sincerity, selflessness, & genuine caring of the chaplains is like a breath of fresh air!! I love getting these. Thanks again for all these proofs that seeing these inmates in their true light can bring out their natural receptivity to good, with signs following. Everyone’s vulnerable to Good. Sharing the genuine joy of these chaplains is inspiring every time!! My thanks to all who make this wonderful ministry happen.

  3. cynthia price peters Reply

    The students you encounter, Holliday, are so fortunate to have you with them!

  4. Alexander O Cook Reply

    Such awesome stories. So good to be there to support the natural process of redemption! <3

  5. Deborah Calloway Reply

    Thank you, David, for sending this message into my home and my awareness. While sheltering in the comfort of home as we’re asked to help prevent the spread of a disease by limiting our social contacts and activities, our daily routines have changed and we each have this opportunity to rethink what’s most important. To be confined in this way can be a life- changing opportunity for self-improvement. My own shifts in thinking and doing are happening slowly, but they’re happening. Chaplain Holliday’s story today reminds me to include in my prayers the people whose life-changing opportunities to rethink what’s important is going on in much more strict and less comfortable confinement. Although for different reasons, they, too, are in their confinement worthy of blessing and improvement.

    I find that I only know what’s going on outside my home through phone calls and email and Zoom meetings I’m invited to and through the media I choose and that’s delivered to me. I’m glad you and your team and the chaplain contributors post these stories and give the opportunity to subscribe so that your reminders of the work to help people in prisons and detention centers come to me by email.

    I’m grateful that we have the loving and prayerful support of chaplains and God to guide us. I say we and us instead of they and them because it is as much our work and for the benefit of us all that this work is going on in the prisons. Thanks to all the chaplains.

  6. michele boschert Reply

    It was a joy to see your love for these kids and the work that you are doing with them.

  7. Anne Cooling Reply

    So helpful right now in praying about the jail situation. Thank you.

  8. Cathryn G Rathsam Reply

    Dear Holliday,
    Thank you so much for being that shining light those desr ones need so much. I’ve inquired about working in youth facilities in Orange Cty and now in San Diego but apparantly it’s difficult to get CS into them. Could you or the Committee share how this was done in your area?

  9. Jan in New Mexico Reply

    Thank you so much, Chaplain Holliday! What an inspiring story of hope and healing you’ve shared here. So grateful for all the work the Christian Science chaplains do in the California institutions. Much love to you.

  10. Diane Williamson Reply

    Absolutely wonderful to bring up (for those boys) the famous Biblical guys who had killed someone . I would never have thought of that as a great example of absolute proof that God doesn’t punish us…not even for that. Thankyou for your saving and healing work!

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