Turning your life around in prison starts with individual transformations…like this heartwarming one you’re about to see [Video]

Who doesn’t like to hear–and tell–heart-warming stories of character transformation! Well, Chaplain Angela has one to tell that has helped her learn how to pray for the inmates when she cannot see them weekly as before the pandemic.

While you are praying for the world, please include inmates in our State prisons and county jails in your daily prayers. And as always, we encourage you to give us your thoughts about this video in our comments section and to share this video with your family and friends.

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7 thoughts on “Turning your life around in prison starts with individual transformations…like this heartwarming one you’re about to see [Video]

  1. Marilyn McDonald Reply

    Excellent, beautifully said. Thank you, Angela, for your vibrant sharing of your Chaplain work!

  2. Clementine Suiffet Reply

    Thank you, Angela. You mentioned a unique way of looking at the “greater works” meaning. I had always thought it meant more works, but I love this interpretation. Yes, of course, it makes sense to be about brotherhood. It involves going beyond the immediate gratification of healing to the reason why healings happen–because of the caring, the humanity, the brotherhood. Healings are the side effect of the divine Love expressed in each of us. Thanks again!

  3. Ray Reply

    Thanks for sharing this experience. But Truth’s motto is “semper paratus,” not “semper apparatus.” I’m sure we don’t want to misquote Mrs. Eddy.

  4. George Birdsong Reply

    What an inspiring testimony. . . meeting the needs of our fellow man. Your thoughtful prayers and expectancy of good provided a framework for the light of Christ to be felt. The greater works expressing patience and love are so needed.

  5. Bea Reply

    When I was a member of the Institutional Commitee of my church, I visited young people in the Detention Center of a prison, and I took a copy that I had made of the lyrics to “In His Eyes,” by Mindy Jostyn & Jacob Brackman. As we read the words, I told them that they were this precious light that shines brightly for others to see. They were very thoughtful in considering this Truth that told them that they were God’s light – “a radiant vision of beauty, A gemstone cut one of a kind,” etc.. Thank you, Angela, and all for your contributions to help these dear ones and all to recognize their true heritage as a beautiful, perfect child of God. Much love and blessings to you. Bea

  6. carolyn nagusky Reply

    So very encouraging about how we can be praying together as a committee, as well as sending periodicals and corresponding with inmates by mail and phone. Thank you!!

  7. Pam Wade Reply

    Wow! Thank you chaplain Angela, that was so inspiring, encouraging, helpful and heartwarming!

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