Meet Carlos Part 1: Finding Christian Science serving a life sentence in prison [Video]

Update: Watch Part 2 here!

A man commits a serious crime. A judge sentences him to life in prison. On the inside, he’s introduced to Christian Science.

Welcome to Part 1 of a two-part story that tells of a journey of change you will want to watch and recommend to others.

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15 thoughts on “Meet Carlos Part 1: Finding Christian Science serving a life sentence in prison [Video]

  1. Sue Reply

    Carlos, what a powerful transformation – from the man you tell about in this video to the man you are now! You are gentle, kind, outgoing, and so giving, bringing hope and humor and help to those around you, You are a dedicated Christian Scientist and healer, and a trusted friend. Thank you for sharing your experience in this video – can’t wait to see the second one!

  2. Marilyn Reply

    Carlos, thank you for sharing your experience. I’m really looking forward to seeing Part II when it’s available. Having accompanied Chaplains in the jail system for years, it’s wonderful to hear the whole story . . the before and after, and to hear how inmates’ lives change once they find out how much they are loved and held in God’s amazing grace.

  3. Jeff Harbin Reply

    This is a wonderful account of how a man with a life sentence can find a way through prayer to gain his complete freedom. I was one of Carlos’ CS volunteers when he was incarcerated at that prison. I knew many of the facts in this account, but I learned new details through this re-counting. I remember that after his praying about “being in his rightful place” Carlos came back beaming after his next parole meeting. His status had been changed from “life in prison without a number” to “95 years”. Carlos was thrilled, as now he could start getting his sentenced reduced at each parole hearing. A few years later, when they told him he would be released on parole in 4 years, Carlos was on cloud 9. All his heart-felt prayers were being answered. A very well-told story, indeed. I am very eager to see Part II !

  4. Ginny Hawks Reply

    Thank you Carlos for sharing your story with the world. I know it will be well received. I will be watching for part 2.
    I know Carlos to be an honorable man, temper ? not the Carlos I know!
    The work in our prisons continues to uplift and bless the receptive heart.
    Thanks to all the Chaplains who participate in this work and the hungry hearts who find the way.
    ‘Desire is prayer.” MBE
    Ginny Hawks

  5. Elena Reply

    Interesting how God does work in mysterious ways, it is amazing how Christian Science works, it went to his core and changed him 180 degrees. I know Carlos but wouldn’t guess that he ever had a temper, he is just about the most peaceful man I know.

  6. Jacquelyn Reid Reply

    To add even more to Carlos’ story, he is a regular visitor to our Christian Science Institutional Committee. We are so grateful to have Carlos with us. We rejoiced. We have only a few members but we have been in operation since the 1930’s. Carlos has been diligent in attending the meetings and I know he will be helpful as we move forward in our effort to gain entrance to more institutions. Thank you for this inspiring story.

    • David Fowler Post author

      Part 2 of the Carlos story will be out in approximately three weeks. Thanks for hanging in there. David.

  7. George Birdsong Reply

    Thanks so much David for sharing this story of redemption. Am eagerly waiting for part 2. It is truly inspiring to hear how the light of Christ is shining in the darkest places and transforming lives. Grateful for this prison ministry and all that participate.

    • David Fowler Post author

      Hang tight. Part 2 is still in the editing room. Should be out within two to three weeks. Thank you for your interest. –David

  8. Carolyn Self Reply

    Wonderful, can’t wait to see part II. Then also watched Angela talk about her visit with men in prison and mentioning ‘greater works’ and ‘patience’ Really helpful
    Thanks so much for the Light in Prison videos.

  9. Beverly Newsham Reply

    Wow, what a wonderful first part of the journey! I am eagerly awaiting the “Rest of the Story”! Thank you so much for sharing this with us!

  10. Cathryn G Rathsam Reply

    This a such a moving story of the Christ reaching these dear men. So grateful! Thank you for sharing!

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