Thank you Chaplain George. [Video]

Christian Science Chaplain George’s gentle approach, kind voice, and pure heart have enabled him to reach–and teach–the transformational power of love to so many in the Orange County jail system over the years. Listen to how George helps a woman learn how to practice love rather than resorting to violence.

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Thank you Chaplain George.

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25 thoughts on “Thank you Chaplain George. [Video]

  1. Clementine Suiffet Reply

    I appreciate the untiring work George did. His Christly love touched the hearts of so many and showed the power of God’s grace that uplifts and restores.

  2. Marilyn McDonald Reply

    Thank you, George, for this beautiful sharing of transformation from anger to love for the dear incarcerated woman.

  3. Sandra Shrewsbury Reply

    Thank you for sharing these wonderful healings with others. We all need to read/hear and appreciate the wonderful work done by all of the chaplains and workers in the institutions.

  4. Hal Shrewsbury Reply

    I love Chaplain George’s positive approach to negativism by asking for a positive rap. . I always cover forgiveness of ones’ self and of others as Jesus forgave those who crucified him, “Father, forgive them for they know not what they do”, and not to resent or hate as Mary Baker Eddy tells us in her article “Taking Offense” and then state how foolish it is to punish oneself because of another’s ignorance and be ready to forgive before the offense occurs. Here is one man’s response: “I am writing this to share what I have learned about forgiveness and how it has profoundly changed my life. At age 8 I got involved with drugs and at 19 I became a father to my first child. Although I loved my daughter and her mother I was not a perfect father and was often abusive toward both fueled by alcohol and drugs. The mother left me when the girl was 6 months and after 10 years of drugs and alcohol I got $20,000 behind in child support. I was arrested in 2016 on a drug charge and while in jail found out that my first love in high school had been murdered by a friend of mine who had stabbed her to death in front of her 2 sons while pregnant with another son. I was consumed with rage and wanted to kill him myself. I finally concluded that killing him would not bring my loved one back and would hurt those who loved me and depended on me. I tried to understand what had caused him to kill her and recalled my rage and fights with my mother. I prayed many days and nights and thought how Christ asked God to forgive those who were crucifying him and began considering forgiving him and realized I was only hurting myself by holding on to those ill feelings. I wrote him a letter forgiving him which I never sent but which comforted me. At this point I received a summons to court exactly 1 year after the murder of my first love for the 10 years of child support I owed. I prayed to God to help me get a job so I could “man up” and pay the $20,000 I owed which would take me 15 years. I saw my child’s mother just before the court and told her of my addiction and how I planned to start paying as soon as I got out and got a job. Waiting in court I was later approached by the Attorney General who told me the mother had forgiven me the $20,000 and had faith I would stay on the road to recovery saying “that’s what we’re here for” and “to help someone else out”. I never dreamed of this outcome and realized that just as it was God who put it in my heart to forgive the man who had murdered my first love, I was forgiven. The 15 years of payments was taken care of in 1 day and it was God’s way of telling me that it was because of my forgiveness for another, I was able to find forgiveness for me. Hal Shrewsbury

  5. Anita Reply

    Thank you, George! Thank you for your humble grace and Christly love and the blessings you shared with so many!
    And love to you, Madelon! Love alone is Life, and Life most sweet as heart to heart, speaks kindly when we meet and part.

  6. Jan in SoCal Reply

    So grateful for the chaplain work that George did. This work is truly a joy, and George expressed that joy with others so well.

  7. Marilyn Kellar Reply

    What a beautiful testimony from such a devoted, loving man whose life and purpose goes on! Sending lots of love to Madelon, and to all who were so blessed by his healing example of love in action!

  8. Anne Cooling Reply

    This man lived what he helped others see in themselves as the universal Truth. God bless you George. Thank you for your dedication and service. We are first hand witnesses to the effect it made on you as a beautiful reflection of divine Love. Thank you for this inspiring testimonial. Much love Madelon. God is with you and so is your church family.

  9. Priscilla Ortegon. Pepke Reply

    A beautiful video of the love that George explained to the lady who asked for help. I personally knew and worked with George and witnessed the love and help he gave to countless inmates during the time I served in Orange County as a chaplain. He was and is loved by all who served along with him.
    Priscilla O. Pepke

  10. Alexander O Cook Reply

    Very grateful for Chaplain George! What a warm, gentle, and selfless light!

  11. Eleanor Bigbie Reply

    I have been active as a volunteer prison chaplain in Texas for several years, and I can attest to the constancy of love and dedication it requires. Chaplain George certainly embodies these qualities and it is clear he has left a wonderful legacy for so many through his ministry. Thank you, George. Love to Madelon.

  12. Libby Rupert Reply

    What a shining example of love. A blessing to all he touched. Thank you for this video. Madelon, blessings and love to you.

  13. Anonymous Reply

    Commitment to the redeeming power of the Christ. That’s what George Birdsong has meant to me in the last three years as he faithfully provided comfort and inspiration to an incarcerated family member. Thank you for the example you set, George!

  14. Chaplain Angela Reply

    We’ll never be able to guess at how many have been blessed and healed by this man’s selfless loving service. This video is a beautiful way to say thank you–by inspiring more people to take up the work that Chaplain George has done. Thank you, George!

  15. kaye cover Reply

    What a kind and inspiring testimony of Love in action. Thank you for sharing.

  16. Beverly Newsham Reply

    What a Loving Chaplain George Birdsong was/is! This is such an inspiration at Christmas time, too! Thank you soooo much for sharing this with all of us! Blessings and Love to Maddie and Family……

  17. Susan Whittemore Reply

    George truly lived the meaning “ to love God,” and “to love your neighbor as yourself.” I am so grateful to have known and worked with him on the Orange County Christian Science Institutional Committee many years. Love is eternal.

  18. Tawny M Cleveland Reply

    So grateful for George’s light on the world. What joy to see him also with his Ukelele and his pup. So blessed to have George’s handprint on the heart of Love!

  19. Linda Bishop Reply

    Thank you for this post that when we speak gently, Love does inspire Love!

  20. Joyce Posik Reply

    I loved to watch the reports from Chaplain George on this venue and to hear his contributions at the Broadview Annual Meetings. Also, Madelon mentioning him at our Community Bible Study. He will be missed but not forgotten.

  21. Marilyn Simpson Reply

    Lovely, George. Thank you for all your good work. Big hugs to Maddie as well — I’m sure George is continuing his loving work on the other side.

  22. Madelon Maupin Reply

    Thank you for posting this beautiful testimony of Chaplain George. As my husband I know firsthand how much he treasured and valued this work and every inmate he worked with, like this lady. My hope is that others will take up this work and find it as rewarding as George did for the 13 years he was active. Thank you for such a beautiful video and memory of such a Christly man. Madelon Maupin, wife.

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