New to Christian Science, inmate finds relief exploring the power of gratitude [Video]

Even though chaplains can’t visit inmates, the letters exchanged by Corresponding Chaplains and inmates continue to inspire and uplift. In this video, Corresponding Chaplain Caryn shares what one inmate wrote–that she turned to God wholeheartedly after being diagnosed with a serious ailment. Find out how she prayed (with her newfound understanding of God).

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11 thoughts on “New to Christian Science, inmate finds relief exploring the power of gratitude [Video]


    Gratitude to You ALL for the healing work that you continually do to assist the progress of Christian Science for all mankind.
    Barbara A. Bennett

  2. Laurie McCarriston Reply

    What a sincerely joyful report …Caryn’s report itself is an example of the gratitude referred to as being an important element in healing. Love knows no bounds.

  3. Hal Shrewsbury Reply

    So beautiful! Thank you David and congratulations Caryn! Your inmate not only heard the work but was a doer! Hal Shrewsbury

  4. Beverly Newsham Reply

    So Wonderful to hear about Christian Science Healings happening in Prisons, through correspondence with C.S. Chaplins!!!

    • Marilyn McDonald

      Thank you for this lovely video, Caryn, with the beautiful testimony of healing from one of your dear inmates.

    • Marion Cunningham Twichell

      Very inspiring. Thanks so much for sharing.

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