Shelly finds Christian Science serving time in jail, gets early release, finds community [Video]

The woman in this video felt she had committed a mistake so horrific she couldn’t see how she’d ever be free of the consequences…one that lost her most of her family and friends as a result.

“But her story has a good ending…

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12 thoughts on “Shelly finds Christian Science serving time in jail, gets early release, finds community [Video]

  1. Joanna Reply

    You are so radiant – alight with Truth! I am inspired by the way you can look back at the human footsteps leading to
    this discovery with gratitude. I am so glad that the chaplain helped you feel there is no condemnation in Christ and that you were so touched by Love that you knew how to “go and sin no more” and how to step into your freedom.

  2. Clementine Suiffet Reply

    Thank you, Shelly. I think your desire to learn more about Mary Baker Eddy’s life experiences was important in understanding a lot of what she writes in Science and Health. Bless you for all you’ve done! So encouraging!

  3. Marilyn McDonald Reply

    What a beautiful story. Thank you Shelly for sharing with such honesty and optimism. You shall be guided every step of the way by our dear Father/Mother God.

  4. Elena Reply

    What a wonderful lady! She began searching for God and, in spite of the mental place she was in, God put exactly what she needed on her way —and she didn’t let it go to waste!!!


    Thank You, Shelly, for sharing your Healing, Redeeming Experience through working with a Christian Science Chaplin! Wonderful to know there is no condemnation in Christ! I hope you get to go through C.S. Class Instruction….it’ll be Mind-Blowing! Much Love!

  6. Jan in SoCal Reply

    I loved this story. Thank you so much for sharing it, Shelly! God is blessing you for sure.

  7. Jo Thompson Reply

    Shelly’s story is so uplifting and encouraging! The fact that Shelly can feel so loved and at peace is the healing presence of the Christ, allowing herself to move forward. As she demonstrates strength in her faith in God, she is not tempted to old habits, and we applaud you Shelly!! It is so important to realize those tempting thoughts are not your thoughts, because God has only good for you. Thank you for sharing Light in prison.

  8. Ines Marshall Reply

    Thank you David, this was beautifully done, keep up the good work, very inspiring. Greetings from Ines Soquel church CA.

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