Statement of Identity and Purpose:

The Christian Science Committee on Institutional Work in California (the “State Committee”) is a California nonprofit organization that is recognized as a 501(c)(3) organization by the Internal Revenue Service.  Its activities are supervised by six Christian Science churches located in California. Christian Science is a Bible-based religion that follows the teaching and example of Christ Jesus. The State Committee is dedicated to bringing healing and spiritual renewal to those who are confined in penal institutions and hospitals in California and to our institutions themselves. The State Committee does not engage in political advocacy for or against candidates for public office and does not engage in political advocacy for or against specific legislation.

We also encourage individuals to take specific steps to help change the way our institutions operate when they are led to do so through their prayers. The State Committee’s focus, however, is on bringing spiritual light and blessings to our institutions and those who are incarcerated through a greater awareness that we are all the image and likeness of one infinite and omnipotent God who is Love.

Third-Party Content Featured on this Website:

Any information in videos, blogs, posts or links about pending legislation or about public issues involving prisons or about those who are incarcerated are provided for information purposes only and as an invitation to prayer on the issues presented and not as any form of political advocacy.