Local Committees may design their own agendas which provide for oversight of Chaplains and Chaplains Assistants as well as Committee business. Agendas should conform to any of their by-law requirements.

Following are two editable samples.

Sample #1:

  1. Opening readings and prayer

  2. Roll call and welcoming of guests

  3. Metaphysical discussion of chosen topic

  4. Chaplain and Chaplain’s Assistant reports and discussion

  5. State Committee liaison report

  6. Reading of a portion of the “Procedures”

  7. Selection of metaphysical topic, time and place of next meeting

Chaplains and Chaplain’s Assistants are to be excused for the business portion of the meeting

  1. Discussion and approval of the Chaplain/Chaplain’s Assistant reports

  2. Chaplain and Chaplain’s Assistant initial application and re-appointment interviews.

  3. Minutes

  4. Correspondence

  5. Old Business

  6. New Business

  7. Closing/Adjourn

Sample #2:

Pre-Meeting (Online) Committee Report–sent as an email before in-person meeting:

1. Minutes from last meeting

2. Correspondence

3. Old Business (next steps, done?)

4. Approve Minutes (vote)

5. Restate invitation to in-person meeting

In-Person meeting. (Need large white pad, easel, black thick marking pen and someone to act as the “scribe”):

  1. Why am I here? What gifts am I bringing to the group, to this work?

  2. Question to each in the group: “What I’d like to see as a result of this meeting that WILL make a difference to this committee, my church and community.”

  3. Short and to the point readings.

  4. How will we each use the readings to be a better/faster spiritual healer?

  5. Review the “Prayer Alerts” on the website: www.lightinprison.org

  6. On the spot: Give specific prayer/treatment time to each Prayer Alert.

  7. Reports from each about “What I’m doing to lessen/eliminate crime in my community now.” Or request ideas for how to be more effective at this.

  8. Chaplains’ reports

  9. Touching the community…discuss strategies for more effective ways to promote this work inside and outside the CS church and community, attract new workers, make a meaningful difference.

  10. Goals  and metaphysical topic for our next meeting are:____________

  11. Closing/Adjourn